Monday, September 20, 2010

Brady's 1st Pet - Mr. Frog!

Over the weekend while at the Ranch - Brady found 2 tree frogs, on Saturday and the other Sunday. We could not leave without the frog on Sunday, so we now have new addition to the family - Mr. Frog! He is a wonderful, little green tree frog and thanks to helpful lady at Petsmart he now has new home in Brady's room.

This is the little frog Brady found on Saturday - he just thought he found a good hiding spot.

I'm not sure why the frog would not come back out?!?!?

Poor Mr. frog in his 'transport box' - AKA empty ketchup bottle - Sorry Charlotte I had to cut the bottom off to get the frog out, so I will not be returning the bottle.

Mr. Frog is happy in his new home!

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