Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Busy Month!

I don't know why everything has to pile up at once...on the 4th Michael and I celebrated our 10 YEAR Anniversary...on the the 9th Michael celebrated the 5th anniversary of his 29th Birthday (don't ask me why he is still holding on to 29, I'm just glad we have moved on from 27!)...and for good measure we threw in a couple of Rodeo Concerts and a wedding and I decided to go to a couple craft shows!

Now we are in the final countdown for Brady's 1st Birthday on Friday. He is growing up so fast and we cannot believe that is has already been a year. He is not yet walking on his own but as long as he has tractor or chair near by he can walk almost anywhere he "needs" to get. The other day he did pretty good at getting himself onto the ottoman but he has not been able figure it out again. Here are few pictures to catch everyone up!

Brady's Big Boy Haircut

Last weekend Granny and I took Brady to the Cool Cuts for Kids to get a Big Boy Haircut - he did a great job of trying to sit still. It was great they had these great "chairs" for the little ones to sit in, however he did not understand why they did not move like his tractors at home.